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Horniman on the Small Screen

It seems the museum and gardens have been a popular choice for a spot a filming recently.

If you've kept your eyes peeled during several programmes in the last week, you might have seen some familiar sights.

CBBC's Totally Rubbish paid a visit to our Natural History Gallery, and left us something rather unusual in the conservatory!

  • Totally Rubbish, A new addition to our conservatory.
    A new addition to our conservatory.

In last week's Location, Location, Location, Kirstie and Phil brought along a couple looking for a new home for a look around our 'local landmark'.

  • Location, Location, Location, Home-hunters checking out the local area.
    Home-hunters checking out the local area.

And we loved seeing characters in drama Treacle Jr enjoying our Natural History Gallery and making use of our Music Gallery Hands On Space.

  • Treacle Jr, Characters from this drama make some music in our Hands On Space.
    Characters from this drama make some music in our Hands On Space.

Let us know if you have spotted the museum or our gardens anywhere on the small screen!

Horniman Elephant Leg Makes TV Debut

Look out for a cameo appearance from a Horniman object in the 2010 Royal Institution Christmas Lecture “Why Elephants Can’t Dance”, which will be broadcast on BBC4 on Tuesday 28 December at 8pm.

This is the front right leg of an Asiatic elephant that was probably 5-6 years old, despite being only half-grown it is likely to have weighed around 700kg and to have measured 155cm at the shoulder. Elephants usually reach their adult height of 230-270cm at around 10 years old, by which time they can weigh in at a dancefloor-endangering 3300kg!
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of 2 items