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About this event

MASH Cinema and Electric Pedals present two nights of silent films and live music in the Horniman Gardens.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916) with live rescore by Orchestra Elastique

Based on the books of Jules Verne, this was the first motion picture to be filmed underwater.

This film tells the fantastical tale of enigmatic Captain Nemo's quest for revenge as he travels in his submarine, The Nautilus. Nemo roams beneath the waves evading civilisation and searching for Charles Denver, a wealthy alcoholic with a big yacht. Along the way he bumps into Professor Arronax, his daughter and Ned Land, and introduces them to the wonders of the ocean floor. Meanwhile, a balloon filled with soldiers crash-lands on a mysterious island, finding it uninhabited, except for ‘A Child of Nature’. The film’s beauty and wondrous sense of adventure are embellished by the backstory of Nemo and, although ludicrously camp, it is revealing of the sensibilities of the era.

Adding further depth to the story, Orchestra Elastique's (OE) improvised live score creates an audio seascape which responds to the film’s flickering imagery and grand storyline. For this one-off performance, they will combine their sonic re-imaginings to an all-encompassing aural-visual experience that will really bring the experience to life.

OE regularly play at Café Oto, The Vortex and the Servant Jazz Quarters in London, and in April 2014 they represented the UK with jazz legend Dave Holland at the International Arts Festival FIA in San Jose, Costa Rica.
“Every performance is a one-off, every soundtrack unique, every recording a journey...”

Booking information

Tickets: £10.
Doors open at 8pm.